End of the Road Festival 2022

Someone on the eFestivals board has said that Keg are definitely playing, but other than that it’s been very quiet on the rumours front.

Hoping for a lot of crossover with the lower order of the National All Points East day.

Would Beach House be big enough to headline? Feel like they probably are, could see them being there.

Well, they’ve headlined before when Bella Union took over one of the days, but I think I saw someone suggest that other dates they’re playing hint at more of a Greenman showing.

EDIT: Yeah, they’re in Europe over Greenman weekend, and then back in the States the following weekend. Beach House won’t be at EOTR.

Yeah, I looked it up and saw the same. Never mind!

Could be at Green Man Sunday night 21st though.

They headlined EOTR in 2012

9:30 am for the announcement

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I get really excited about festival announcements for festivals I have no intention of going to. Always have, don’t know why.


Exactly the same!


Ooooof. Looking forward to this!


I can’t believe Big Thief aren’t there! Assumed they were nailed

Surprised Magnetic Fields are playing outdoors, they’ve always said they hated it. Unless EoTR has an indoor space now?

Seems to be some heavier stuff this year. Looks good

Decent enough but Khruangbin are a headliner? Wtf

Headliners are probably a bit underwhelming for me cos I’ve not got much interest in Fleet Foxes/Bright Eyes in 2022, although they’re probably good bookings for an EOTR crowd. Four US headliners is a bit of a surprise.

I probably like rather than love that on first impressions, but as ever there’ll no doubt be loads in the undercard to enjoy.

I have literally never heard of them but they seem to have a “headline worthy” amount of plays on Spotify… who are they?!

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Weather Station and Moor Mother are both great for a start

They’re a bit out of the blue, but the venues they’re playing and prices they’re charging on their next UK tour are definitely in line with an EOTR headline size band. Big on the old streaming numbers too and they’re really good!

@roastthemonaspit there’s the “Big Top” which is a similar sort of big indoor tent to the ones you get at all the big UK festivals. They normally put the headliners for that on after the main two stage headliners though, which you wouldn’t have thought they’d be suited too really. Maybe the charm of the Garden Stage has talked them round


Cheers! I know (and like) Weather Station, will give Moor Mother a go

Size apart, they’re absolutely perfect for a sunny festival afternoon with a hangover where you don’t have to put much effort in. It’s an, erm, brave choice of headliner.