End of Year Lists 2023 - General Chat thread

A thread for discussing the lists dropped in this thread

The Rough Trade lists and the exclusives=postion fixing and obvious nonsense of it all is pretty sickening.


I feel like ‘sickening’ is never an adjective I’d use about some end of year music list

Tbf, some of the lower down records often have these

Would they ask for exclusives for records they don’t like?

Its the rampant capitalism and rigged aspect aspect of it thats the sickener tbh.
A list just made up of albums you liked throughout the year without bias or trying to grub some more cash is fine.

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Those exclusives would have been ordered quite some time ago.
Same this past few years even though lead times for vinyl were many many months.
Its the rigged nature of it that sucks.

Yeah, if they reckon they’d make some £££ on them.

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They are a shop, tbf

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It’s about 2 months at the moment.

I’d say print magazines would have known their lists about 7 weeks ago in order to file copy and get the magazine printed, so lead times do mean anything newer may miss out.

And do you ever think they get promised exclusives for good end of year list positions, or that they offer it up front in return for exclusives?

Regardless, by all means they can make up any list they want. I personally find the whole thing a bit grubby.

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Why are 2 of the individual lists now in separate threads as well…
What ever do we chat about in this one? :scream:

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Sorry I was on a call and meant to start one just for rough trade list chat - I could move the replies here across if I can remember how to do it

Remember last year when Jack White was their album of the year, even though everyone had forgotten it by the summer?

They made TWO Jack White albums Number 1 and conveniently had an exclusive of both (which would have been pressed at least 6 months ahead of time).
Cool and trustworthy folks for sure.
They are a shop though so that’s fine I guess.
(Makes me think less of artists in this scenario too tbh)

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It was 6 months because someone found out about it (might have even been me that found out I can’t quite remember from Boomkat?)

Then they were all in the sale In January cause they couldn’t shift them.


MOJO and Uncut have released their lists. My main observation is that there is an increasing lack of fresh new bands in particular. It is an inevitable but worrying trend. Why have a band when you can do everything yourself these days?

That said, my three favourite albums this year have come from acts over 50 (Sparks, Gorillaz, Rolling Stones). I would say that’s showing my age but there is not a lot happening in the mainstream. I will be intrigued to see NME’s list to see what bands they try to big up. People criticise them but I give them credit for creating excitement and scenes in the 00s.


That’s not really the point though is it?

The question is whether if an artist said no they would still be on the list. It’s hard to believe that no-one has ever said no and yet everyone on the list has a ‘Rough Trade exclusive’ these days.


My opinion on year end lists is there are 10x more than are required. I don’t really need to know that Vogue magazine has boygenius as their number 1.


Not heard the nation of language album yet but I don’t think it’s that good

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Had a listen last night while making tea. Soft Cell should sue.

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I’ve just put it on off the back of the rough trade no. 1. It’s dull as dishwater so far.

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