End of year round robin letter things

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post them here please, they are the best things

my mum used to get a (typed and printed out) classic of the genre every year from some family friend

Overachieving children, exotic holidays, far far too long. The works. Wonder if she still gets them

Imagine being the kind of person who sends one of these.

(Five minutes before someone says they do but it’s fine because it’s an email)

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I have always wanted to send one of just completely underwhelming, mundane things that have happened as a bit of passive-aggressiveness. Have yet to do so but will do it once I have children I think.


Very middle class. There’s always one kid of the at least 3 who is the black sheep and banging loads of drugs and hates the family " Charlie continues to enjoy his various pursuits and is excited to start a another course in the new year"


Clive: Who did you write to?
Derek: I sent a round robin.
Clive: Yeah? That’s no f***ing good. Why didn’t you send a letter?
Derek: Well, I sent a letter later.
Clive: What, with the robin?
Derek: No, I sent robin and then, that, you know, it didn’t do f*** all, so i sent a letter.
Clive: That’s robbing Peter to pay Paul. That’s just f***ing stupid. Why didn’t you write a letter…
Derek: Well i did write a letter.
Clive: …instead of sending some stupid f***ing robin?
Derek: I sent robin round because I thought that’d be the way to do it.
Clive: What, robin had the letter?
Derek: No, I just sent robin round.
Clive: What good is robin going round - where the f*** did robin go round to?
Derek: He didn’t go round nowhere, I just sent him round!
Clive: Round where?
Derek: He came back, he said “where the f*** am I supposed to go?”. I said "I don’t f***ing know, I sent you round. Why don’t you f***ing go round?"
Clive: Why didn’t you send a letter?
Derek: C***.
Clive: Well, have you sent a letter?
Derek: I did send a letter, yes.
Clive: Who to?
Derek: I don’t know. I don’t know - I sent a f***ing letter. I wrote the letter and put it in the pillar box - I don’t know who i sent it to.
Clive: What, you didn’t put a stamp on, or address or anything like that?
Derek: No, f*** that - waste of a stamp…
Clive: Well, why don’t you follow what John Cleese says on the television?
Derek: I do.
Clive: He says in order for post to get there, he comes out with all these handy f***ing hints. He says put a stamp on a letter and address it.
Derek: F*** that mate.
Clive: That’s what I’ve been doing since I’ve seen those ads.
Derek: F*** that - write a letter and bung it in a f***ing post box.
Clive: What, with no address?
Derek: No address.
Clive: Well, did you get a reply?
Derek: No! I was f***ing furious. so i wrote another letter.
Clive: What, same method?
Derek: Yeah. Got no f***ing reply again. C***s! They’re all c***s out there!

I’d love to do this. I think my main achievements this year have been going on holiday to Wales and completing Final Fantasy VII. Best get writing!

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I get a few of these. They’re mostly batshit but I kind of feel bad posting them online.

I send one that just uses the lives of celebs but I change a few details. No one has ever noticed so far.

For example this year I might talk about my cousin Wayne who has gone back to his hometown and is working at his old job and it started off shaky but his new boss seems ok (this will actually be about Rooney).

Probably do a few obits and scandals as well. Will post it on here when it’s done.

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Yes! We get one from Mrs CCB’s aunt and uncle, which is something like (all names fictional):

“Peter continues to thrive in his role at HSBC [two paragraphs about his amazing life and marriage]”

“Emma has recently given birth to twins, Molly and Jacob. She still manages to keep her online upcycling business going and was shortlisted for Warwickshire Businesswoman Of The Year”

“Simon’s Brompton outlet has opened its third branch in Aston [another two paragraphs]”

“Paul still lives at home.”


To the minute!

Knew a family who did this, until…

Son started failing his degree, got married then divorced within a year

Daughter came out, which to them would be fine but not in a conservative eastern county

Other daughter moved to Kenya to escape them

Strangely stopped that year.


Never encountered this and find it baffling that people would actually do it


It’s absolutely insane, and presumably requires absolutely no knowledge of what recipients would think when reading it.

We get one from an old family friend. This year’s was incredibly concise, presumably everything’s going to shit.

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No idea what the wtf this is

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We always get one from an old colleague of my mum’s, and it’s the first thing that my brother and I ask about when we go back to my parents’ place over Christmas.

She used to kind of be my mum’s supervisor when my mum was a legal secretary and she was very proud of her husband who worked in BUSINESS and her son (who is a year older than me), mentioning every exam result through school. Holidays were also a favourite topic, as well as humblebrags, before the term existed.

The letters were all typed and anonymous, apart from a hand written paragraph at the end containing passive aggressive put downs (“You must be so glad to have a husband who works for a local council, where long hours and pressure aren’t the norm.”) and condescending platitudes (“Working with diasabled people must feel like being one of life’s forgotten little angels.”), completely oblivious to my mum changing career to be an OT/social worker, and when my brother and I went to university and started working (she asked if we were sitting our GCSE’s for five years in a row).

My parents popped into visit them when they were on a holiday once, and after that the tone of the letters completely changed. Up until then, I think she thought that my mum was still the quiet secretary that she believed she was mentoring back in the early 1970s.


We used to get one from an American family we know, didn’t realise British families did it too

I dislike people.


I’m fairly sure my boyfriends mum does one and I may have appeared in it. I’ve never seen it though.

Edit: She is american. I thought it was an american thing.

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