End of year stats thread

Em’s way out in front in the replied to stakes

33 likes for single post! Over 2K likes received!!

You’re a popular man.

I thought the circlejerk had died with old DiS ?

And people say 2016 was a bad year.

think @ma0sm got the most popular post:

Other peoples stats are like other peoples dreams


8th best DiSer


More $ this year. But way too much travel. Some big exciting milestones. Lots of time spent on hols. But too much time away from the wife.
GOAL for next year. Fly less. Work the same amount. Earn more. More time at home. Visit new countries. Stay married. Grow business. Write a book about something.

Flights taken :airplane: 58
Days worked :muscle: 118
Money earned :moneybag: £44,017
Time not at home :thinking: 32%
Countries visited :earth_americas: 14
People married :couple: 1
Businesses started :sparkle: 1
Books written :book: 1


top 10

well done everyone

That’s what it was!

how many beeves started?

It was the name of the business, which I :redact: redacted :/redact:

Finishing the year with a neat 1:1 posts made / likes received ratio.

That’s impressive. Every post loved.

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This isn’t circle jerking. This is unabashed self-promotion.

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What DiS stats would you all like to know?

Here are some topline ones…

Which cities are DiSsers based in?

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Have you got data as to how many times that fish puns thread has been viewed since inception? The puns aren’t even that good, iirc!

PS - whilst you’re here - just to say thank you for the new boards. They’re great :slight_smile:

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