Ending a thread

How far back do you have to scroll before you get to a thread where yours is the last post? Mine was back in October in a thread about @jordan_229 's brittle legs.

probably not too far, i’m quite good at it

like op good

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Good thread. I used to run a regular THREAD KILLERS thread on the old boards but it would require a bit more manual input to do so on newDiS.

Anyway, the answer is: six days ago. Thought this was a decent enough post:

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Seems fine to me tbh, feel like you’ve been hard done by there.

yesterday - best films of the century thread

now this thread too


maybe ive misunderstood the OP

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reasonable adjustments

two days ago (if you ignore this one)

Ive got this one covered I think


Dunno how to tell

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it was this one but its not anymore



I’m the last poster on the Dadsnet and Delivery Fury threads, but I don’t think they’re dead yet.

I had a scroll back and couldn’t find any more that I had killed.

Is it because I end all my posts with a question?