Endless Thursday (cont.) (evening)

Just sitting having a lovely beer in the blazing sun outside the great pub that’s right at the end of the street I had a flat viewing on. Man I badly want to live here

Wbu dis collective


Hey up sugar!

Still suffering from post residential tiredness and slightly irksome mood

Taking dog to the woods as yoga cancelled as instructor has Covid

Toastie and chips for dinner CARBOCLOCK


Tempted by a fish supper myself too

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Boring day at work, but had a good catch up with my line manager and set some clear goals for the next 6mths.

Fancy a drink tonight, however, my wife is still working (marking coursework), I’ve got to get the kids to finish their dinner, bathed and bedded. Then think about dinner. So nothing doing there. I am however visiting the coast for a day out tomorrow. So down to Lymington and Hurst Castle for a day outside on the sun, working


Busy day, and stayed late to do a tour. Just made some burgers so gonna eat them and drink some cans I reckon.


co-op screwed me over, I can’t believe it!


Had quite a few pints, good amount of tacos and a lot of walking, now off to a gig. What shall I listen to on the bus?



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Ah yeah, listened to them the other day because they’re playing Wide Awake, had no idea it was basically Ought :+1:

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Think I’ll go for a two hour walk then have tea when I’m back.


Thanks - just started it and enjoying it, reminding me of Tara Clerkin Trio

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Evening all!

My test candidate cancelled this morning so I hung around wasting time until I had to make some interview calls later in the morning.

I made a basque chicken pie (Hairy Bikers recipe so you know it’s authentic) and it was really good. Wor Lass’s nephew is visiting so we’re sitting out in the sun.


Just done a bit of gardening after a later work finish. Think I can hopefully just answer messages and write up a report and handover doc in the morning and then switch off.

In that awkward time where I’ve hardly got any food in and it’s not worth doing a proper shop before going way. Might walk up to Waitrose for inspiration and to avoid a takeaway.

Just searched on A****n for a little thing that you use with your sewing machine to help it sew over bulky seams. The product is called a hump jumper or bulky seam aid.

Most of the results are for sewing tools but it’s also trying to sell me jump leads, a variety of obscene sweaters - dogs shagging, camels shagging, “Mr/Ms/Mrs Dry Hump”, santa warming his balls on a fire for some reason - and an inflatable belly for santa costumes

I look forward to shagging camel sweater adverts following me around the internet for the next 6 months, thanks amazon


How many colours did you buy it in?


Just camel


Same colour as my new fake Santa belly.

Drinking with @Witches