Endless Thursday

Morning all!

The Child is off school today for inset so she woke up at 5.30. I’m the only one in the house who is at work.

I’ve been up too long already and have had a pot of coffee. I might get another one on my way in because I’m going to be really early.

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Been at work since 4.10. In desperate need of caffeine.

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Morning Keith,

(and foxy who seems to be replying),

and all of you yet to come!

Trying to enter today with a smile. Should be able to take the dog on the school run so that’s good. a couple of meetings and then we’ll see what happens.

Bought my sister-in-law a fishboy model and now want the set for myself. Moving house and having a baby though so meant to be saving money. Growing up is rubbish.

T’ra a bit bab. Have fun!

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Off to visit a nursery this morning which is a little too far away to be convenient but a) would put him in with some kids of other parents we know and b) we’re running out of options tbh.

Following that with a lunch with some pals - hopefully tacos.

Than off to see m(h)aol tonight which I think I’ll be knackered for but looking forward to seeing the pal I’m going with.


I saw them on Friday and they were great! Enjoy.


WFH this morning for the first time since Tuesday last week. Going to to office to sit in an office on your own all day doing work that can’t be done remotely seeing no one has been pretty depressing.

Back there after lunch though.


In a foul mood for some reason. Eldest refused to eat yesterday evening, then spent all night complaining of tummy pain. Surprisingly, when she are breakfast today, the pain went away. Shock.

No real plans for today. Off for a week after tomorrow, so winding down I suppose

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Took my husband to see his first ever musical. It was Groundhog Day The Musical! Pretty good tbf and tickets were a £10 preview special :sunglasses:

Not much on today. Need to go get some bread for toast.


Morning :sunny:

How is it 25th May already? I’m meant to be off for half of next week and the week after but forgot to book it. So that’s first job of the day.

Going to apply for a big job opportunity today that I’m woefully under qualified for.

Today is my Friday.

I am in the office for our fortnightly team day and 2/3 of my team are either not coming in or on leave. Could have stayed in bed another hour.

Have a fourth person coming round to do a quote for the bathroom. None of the previous ones have been viable so if this one comes in over my budget then that’s that. The woman in the showroom seemed to think it was doable, but the stuff they use is more expensive than the others so I’m quite sceptical.

Crossing my fingers as it’s going to feel really shit if it all falls apart. Especially given I have to get a shower sorted anyhow.

Can’t believe my two weeks off has gone by so quickly. Starting to get major terror about starting new job next week.

For the first time in a long time, and entirely sure to my own bad choices, I am completely skint and having to live off dubious combinations of things from the back of the cupboard until the end of the month. Oh, and I can’t wash my clothes and I’m out of clean ones tomorrow. Bathtub job I guess?

Summer cold, apparently. Ffs.

Today, we are all breakfast!

It’s frustrating when easy, obvious solutions are totally ignored, isn’t it?

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Second breakfast!

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Remember that the Rainy Day Fund exists for this purpose.

Morning, it’s my Friday as well. Got some bits to finish up, had a short week anyway. Partner has been signed off work due to stress/depression and it’s very hard atm, as her mood is pretty much all over the place and I’m on eggshells a bit. Bought her some flowers and something nice to eat to help. She’s sleeping loads as well.

Ha, even as a temporary loan that would be silly. I’ve just been foolishly extravagant and thought most of my DD’s had come out. About time I learned a lesson about managing money tbh so it will probably do me some good in the long term. I have food in so I’m not going to starve, even if some of it is… inventive

(Thanks for the suggestion though - would consider using it as a loan if e.g. I need an unexpected vet trip prior to pay day. Fingers crossed it will be a smooth week though :crossed_fingers:)


On that note (and bearing in mind I can’t buy anything)

Sausages have been in the freezer (frozen on use by date) for about 6 months.

Google results suggest the ‘official’ line is 2-3 months. BBC Food says 2 months.

  • They’ll be fine
  • Safe, but won’t taste good
  • Not worth it

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A question, to save me wasting my time walking across town and back:

I’ve got some money to pay in at the bank, but not got my card with me. Can it somehow be done using contactless via my phone in the absence of my card?

Do you know your account number?

They can probably find you over the counter to be honest.