Energy Suppliers with a Particular Emphasis on Bulb

Do you use Bulb? Any issues? Please feel free to talk about other energy suppliers or any issues in your life or observations you think might be enjoyed or appreciated by others.

Thanks, friends.

I have no idea who my energy supplier is, but am fairly certain it is not Bulb.

Thank you.

You’re very much not welcome.


I use Bulb.

Their online chat system seems to be staffed by people with no concept of what the english language is, but apart from that they’ve been fine.

I am with Bulb, I have found them very clement, their customer service is very good. Had to skip a month one time because we were incredibly skint and they were very accomodating. They are however, upping their prices soon such is the cost of energy. They’re renewable too which is pretty sweet.

If you use them can I give you my code so I get 50 sniffs off? Thank you in advance Lonzo.

We use Bulb. We are happy with them.

Thread here on energy bills, usage and stuff, which might be helpful.

To be honest with you Jezbags, I’ve already pulled the trigger… uswitched that mother fucker up. Then I thought I could just double check with the lovely people at DiS. Shall I just send you £50 instead.

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I have bulbs in my house and flower beds there called the same and they both brighten your day but get them confused at your peril

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Many thanks.

germane too

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Much appreciated.

It’s the least you could do.

I am grateful for your contribution.

Your post has brought great joy to the DiS community.

One of England’s finest pre-war leg spinners.


finally some recognition

Had I searched for that before I could have got Jezza £50. He must be disappointed with my laziness.

Please spend the £50 on a lovely day out with your wife and son, maybe Mövenpick’s for all?

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Anyone want some really boring links about whether an electricity supplier is genuinely contributing to renewable production or not?

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