Energy Suppliers with a Particular Emphasis on Bulb

I am not with bulb. I jumped ship to Eon. My final bill with npower was about £140 for 14 days of gas use

You should have turned it off

I’m with Powerpeers

I’m with Bulb because their energy comes from renewable sources and that makes me less guilty about leaving all the electrical devices and lights on in every room in my house at once.

No, please type out the highlights (Bulb).

Lord Electricity and Lady Gas

Cba. Google bulb REGO and see if anything interesting* comes up


Nice one, shitberg:

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He didn’t say that anything interesting would come up, just asked you to do him a favour

This doesn’t sound bitter at all…

Those of you using Bulb - is it the same tariff every month. Like if you burn more in winter then don’t have your heating on in the summer, you just get charged the same?

We have just switched to bulb too!! Incredible.

And yes should be same each month. Normally we go into credit but they do adjust payment according to use.

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Yes but you can choose how much you chuck them each month, the app is surprisingly simple and effective.

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Yes, it should be the same - they look at your estimated annual consumption and work out an average. We’re a fair bit in credit now, after the winter, and Bulb have said that they’re going to re-calculate our direct debit.

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Off topic but @anon29812515 - I am watching the cricket.

taps nose

This is cracking. Could be saving about £350 a year here!

Ooh. Cheers, good news. I’ll send you a tonne instead.

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If you could seen 50% of that to Jezza.

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Just signed up with bulb. I’m sure they’re fine.

Can’t really be arsed to think about it.

Fuck Bulb I’ve had Adam Buxton’s bloody song in my head ever since I heard it