Energy wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle

How many people do you live with and how much is your combined energy bill per month?

I can’t find anywhere that have a tariff cheap enough for me so I have to pay more each month then get it back in refunds or money off future bills and it really grinds my gears, let me tell you. Anyway, interested to see how much people actually use compared to ol’ Scrooge here.

I live with bubs and the energy I use works out at £31 per month.

What’s a thread!

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Really thought I got through that without any typos.

What’s a mistake a to make a


thought this thread would be about the online bike retailer

you got my hopes up


It’s a disappointing thread in many respects. Sorry

Hello Scout. I have a coin operated electricity meter which is absolutely superb! Reckon I’ve put about £30 in it in the four months we’ve been living there.

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It is now!

(got a hundred pound voucher to spaff in the January sales)

I live with one other person but I don’t really know how much the energy bill is.

Probably a lot because she loves to leave lights on. I spend 60% of my time at home turning off lights after her.

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3 of us in the house. I think we pay quarterly and even then pay in instalments so it’s about £20 every two weeks or something convoluted like that. (But not for every month, sometimes it’s £0)

What’s a thread!

I can’t answer your question because I have no idea. Dreading our winter bills though because we only have sotrage heaters.

What about gas?

Included in our rent which is also excellent.

I ordered my rehydration salts from Wiggle recently. They’re about £5 cheaper than in H&B and I ordered like 5 packs to get free delivery.
Would order again.

Me and the TV
All electric everything, boiler, cooker, etc.
£50-£70 a month, should probably switch but it’s a very dull thing to contemplate


I’ve stopped using them. Just water for me now.

i also buy rehydration salts from there!

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did they chuck in a free bag of haribo, they do that sometimes

EDIT: haribo’s not vegan is it aggpass you fucking cunt

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So dull.

My suppliers emailed me to say there’s probably someone cheaper as they’re changing their tariffs so I changed to bulb as they’re 100% renewable electricity and 10% green has (10% seems pretty low like)

Y’know what’s always a fucking pain to account for? Internet. Should be a bloody human right!

Would happily pay someone half of the annual savings to switch my car insurance, internet, leccy etc. on my behalf

I was totally conned into paying loads more for my internet lately but by conned I mean i read the offer wrong (though I think they wrote it to be confusing on purpose) so now I pay twice what i used to for the same thing. Lol.

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