Energy wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle

Electricity and heating/hot water?

About £40 a month for two of us in an end terrace house.

Electricity is about £10 a month, I think (which stays pretty constant throughout the year)

where I am now currently has meters for the gas and electric as was previously rented.
I must be paying about £3 a day for electric, and about £3ish for gas every day!
So, let’s say…£180 a month WHAT?!

Got a pal who keeps going on about that as a valid business idea, someone to take care of household admin on your behalf. I would absolutely pay for such a service.

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Dunno, but the gas supplier has recently done that thing of whacking us up to a ridiculous band that they’ll have to refund us loads from. Slightly irked by it.


Sounds like the sort of thing you could recoup loads on if you can be bothered to talk to about a million customer service people, but nobody can be bothered with that!

just had a look, combined leccy & gas was £93 for the past 3 months

i live by myself

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I did it in money supermarketand didn’t bother to read into it as I was sure I wanted to go with bulb anyway, so it was pain free.

Which reminds me, for a long time I wanted to set up an agency of some kind that did that sort of thing for you. Not bills but changing your name on everything after getting married. Still think people would pay for someone to do that.

Los Campesinos


I started to complain then couldn’t be bothered to follow up. I mean, it’s fibre now and it wasn’t before so supposedly better but just doesn’t seem any different.

This could work. General annual fee for switching suppliers. One off fees for a change of address or name change

It’s just gone down to £62pm combined. Four of us living in a three-bed Georgian terrace.

+ mid-terrace so benefits from warmth from neighbours
+ double glazing permitted at the back
- conservation area so have to keep the sash windows at the front (which look great but are so draughty)
- solid brick walls = no cavity wall insulation

Probably could do a few bits to insulate it better but shrugs

Have you signed up to the moneysavingexpert cheap energy club?

You add all your details (use, current tariff etc) and they e-mail you when there’s a better deal available.

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How is this not a thread about The Outhere Brothers?

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just had a look at mine… the cost of the gas used was £0.43. the cost of the standing charges for gas was £20.23

that doesn’t seem like great value for money.

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Ooo thanks.

Who do you pay your energy bills to?

  • One of the Big Six
  • Some other company

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Standing charges are BS

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Before Bulb it was ScottishPower who were very good tbf

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