Eng vs Aus - 1st ODI - Oval - 13:00

No Smith and no Warner obvs but also no Mitchells (Starc, Marsh and Extras) and no Cummins and Hazlewood. England promising not to sledge the old enemy about ball tampering but you’d have a few words no?

Agar reckons our #headsgone after the Scotland defeat :joy:

Gonna be difficult to keep my eye on these once the glamour tie of Russia and Saudi Arabia kicks off tomorrow :grimacing:


Travis Head

YESSS three down, smash them, smash them all

S’good this.

Good start

Sole just engineered one of the best catches you’ll ever see in the Sco v Pak game too

Amelia kerr has just had probably the best all round game ever for PBIN against Ireland.

232 not out then 5-17.

17 years old.

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aye, made her debut when she was 14 I believe

and there’s that catch (Budge, not Sole).

Oops, posted about this in the other thread, didn’t see this one.

Made her NZ debut just after she turned 16, but been playing for Wellington since she was 14. Get to watch her home games on a park basically next to my house :+1::cricket_bat_and_ball: