ENG vs SA Test series - all hail President Root 🦗



What a boy.

Sweepstake for tomorrow? I’m going 271*


Spot on


Add one to his overnight score then out


God I love test cricket


The Strauss


Still wondering about whether to get some tix for the Windies Test at Edgbaston. Love a day at the test match, but I’m not really feeling a day/nighter tbh.


Without wanting to sound like a broken record, Hales as the opening partner*. So much talent, and done it on every other stage. If it doesn’t come off, in the same position, if it does…hoooo-eeeee.

*Would accept hameed opening if his form bucks up, with Hales at 3



every time I see James Taylor’s name mentioned, I feel pretty sad. I know he was coming in at number five, but I reckon he could have been genuinely great at 3 or 4.


Hmm, how long do you reckon Jimmy can go on? Is Wood a decent replacement? Possibly closer to 7 of your 11.

(Also, I had in my head that Cook must be late 30s and close to retirement - he’s 32! I suddenly feel VERY old).


What a dickhead, this guy is, eh?

Test cricket simply cannot be bettered as a sporting spectacle.


Good recovery today but the team needs to be more unballanced.


And we’ve got a seven man attack. Bloody hell.


Fundamental technique issue that is only exposed at the highest level. Drop him.


I reckon he’s got 18 months to 2 years, and Broad probably the same. I’m not looking any further than that at the moment, 2 years ago the first test against the west indies featured Trott, Bell, Tredwell, Buttler and Jordan, so anything can happen in that time.

I think Woakes will eventually replace Anderson as our number 1, and Wood will be a first choice if he can stay fit. Plus there’s TRJ, the 4 Currans and Overtons coming through, and we’re going to start hearing about Jofra Archer at Sussex a lot more soon, I’m absolutely certain, although he could do with getting into div 1 sooner rather than later. I’m actually far less worried about Jimmy retiring than I have been for ages, although it will still be a sad day when it happens.

Steve Finn exists too, although I don’t really know where I stand on that at the moment.


I see what you did there.


I thought I subtly got to the root of the problem.


What do we reckon a good score is here then chaps? Something around 450-480?


I see @balonz has got himself a ticket to Lords today


Anything over 400 is good really, but from the position we’re in we ought to be looking towards 475-500. No reason our last 5 can’t add 130 or more.

I’m quite tempted to go all-in and call a triple for Root, how would we feel about that?