ENG vs SA Test series - all hail President Root 🦗



300 runs?!


You heard…


I would feel glad



You’d be disappointed with anything less than 450, given the current score, but I still think that 350-400 is par for this pitch. A lot will depend on whether Root managed to sweat out his cold yesterday or not, I think.

The pitch will be falling to bits on Sunday afternoon and Monday - I’d say that even if South Africa end up with a first innings lead, they’d still be second favourites.


Hoping the cloud cover this afternoon/evening lends itself to a bit of swing. Love watching Anderson bowl in those conditions.


Tragically fell just 110 runs short.


Well I blame @The_Excession entirely for this


In a sense it was an experiment. Not one I will be repeating.








I don’t think Jimmy has that long, kinda expect him to go after the Ashes this winter. Starting to break down too often (been such a relief that he’s been as reliable as he has been after his injury riddled start to his career), he’s not the bowler he was already, and I think the only reason it’s not nailed on for after the Ashes is due to the paucity of bowlers who have done anything at test level for England.

Worried about Broad tbh - he should be good for another 2-3 years, but he takes so long to come back from injury that I feel he’s just not going to last long as a test bowler into his 30s.

So glad we picked Dawson. So glad.




You get no winnings for being 5 runs out. Thanks for your custom.


Broad looks properly mince with the bat these days.


I thought if my horse lost by a length I got my money back as a free bet? I demand justice.


Geoff Boycott thinks it’s the funniest thing as well… :expressionless:


Oh god. I’ve got Sky streaming but commentary muted.



(not watching)