ENG vs SA Test series - all hail President Root 🦗



Hilarious how it happened…


I’m sorry, the number you have dialed has not been recognised.


Reckon it’s not such a bad thing to be skittled out a bit here. 420 or so is fine, more results based


Yeah, half an hour on this pitch before it goes flat after lunch (which it seems to these days) might work in England’s favour.






Broad in for Ballance.




This is a lot of fun


45 for that last wicket in 4.3 overs.



Reminds me of that innings where Harmison got 49* against South Africa that time.


Someone upthread saying test cricket was rubbish…


Tsk! Man’s a fool.


It’s kinda reminding me of Eng-NZ from Lord’s 4 years ago, when you had a bit of a collapse and then Broad smacked 26 on a difficult pitch (and then bowled NZ out for 68). Would quite enjoy seeing SA get similar treatment.



That was broads 2nd 50 in 5 and a half years. Probably for the best he’s not at 8.


sorry, but who/what are Keaton Jennings and Liam Dawson and how/why are they here?

do we only need nine players to beat the Saffers these days?


Jennings is a quota pick. We’re required to play one saffer who was “forced out” of SA by the unfair practice of trying to correct for centuries of racial injustice by getting black people in sports teams. Gives their horrible fans a stick to beat bavuma with.

White supremacy innit.

Just so happens this one isn’t very good.


Sweet Prince <3


I really hope Ballance gets a score in the 2nd innings - he’s been in blistering form this season on the county circuit. He just needs to pretend he’s facing Somerset, not South Africa…