ENG vs SA Test series - all hail President Root 🦗




well yeah, he’s clearly bobbins isn’t he, which is good.


He should just go full Boycott. He’s wonderfully frustrating to bowlers at his attritional best and that anchoring nature is something the rest of the team really lacks.


Garth Elgar is out.

That stat about Moeen is pretty good, worra player.


Another 54 wickets and he’ll be the third highest wicket taker amongst spinners for England.


Just heard Bavuma referred to as Tiny Temba and I’m chuckling quite a lot.


:grinning: that’s very good.


Swan, laker and underwood must all be well above that, no?


Fair bit…


Broad’s figures, 2-10 from 8.2 - decent.


And monty! @The_Excession turning the thread into a house of lies


Hmmm. The list I saw doesn’t include Underwoos, or Monty for some reason. I retract my claim until further investigation.


Yes, Underwoos.


It was a list of off-spinners, it turns out. Whatever, the point is for a supposed part-timer, he’s doing pretty well.

Bye everyone!


Moeen seems to be unfairly maligned in some quarters. He’s a really effective all rounder, doubly so for NOT being a medium pacer. He’s massively taken the pressure of Rashid in others in having to demonstrate their competence as spinners. Yes, he’s a bit flakey with the bat sometimes, but we’d miss him if he was injured…


Was it this list?

Monty is a weird omission, isn’t he, especially given the date is was written?


Underwoos stars and celebrities, what do they know? Do they know things? Let’s find out!


Not that one, that actually has Underwoos at number one. It was some shitty list in the telegraph, should have known not to trust the source.


That’s one of the ugliest shots I’ve ever ever seen


Rabada suspended for the 2nd test.


Ooooh I missed this. What’s he done?