ENG vs SA Test series - all hail President Root 🦗



Fucks sake, emojis have turned the bat into an actual insect now.


All hail President Root and the insect overlords.


Looking forward to some insect chat in here:


This is now the insect life cycle thread.


Pupa at number 3 in the order? He shouldn’t be batting that high imhumbleo.


3 seems like an obvious spot for Brian Larva.


Bloody love Trent Bridge. England unchanged then which is fine I guess, Dawson looked much better than we anticipated.


Faf wins the toss and chooses to bat. Jimmy’s always got a lot of swing under the clouds in Notts.


Swinging like an absolute good’un here :grinning:


I’m not so sure, but we’ll see. That 4th day lords pitch was close to unplayable. He did put it in a reasonable area alright enough though. We shall see. I’m very sceptical.


(he’s certainly done enough to warrant a full run in the team for this series though, possibly the Windies too)


Yeah I can understand why the team’s unchanged tbh.


great snaffle just then tbf!


I’ve always thought of Dawson as a batting all-rounder rather than a front-line spin option who happens to be able to bat a bit. And even as a Hampshire fan-boy he’s never struck me as anywhere near a likely test match player.

He’s a good option in limited overs - economical with the ball, scores at a good rate with the bat and is excellent in the field.

But, I hope he does well, and I hope Jennings & Ballance can somehow find a way to begin nailing down those troublesome spots in the top 3.


there’s something weird going on with mo’s position in the team, bayliss had said a couple of times this week that they want him to feel like he’s the second spinner, even if he’s more dangerous/better. maybe something to do with his self confidence or him feeling the pressure? bit odd.

so they’re looking for someone who can bowl dry overs on an unresponsive pitch and add a bit with the bat rather than trying to get mo to change his game completely in search of better economy.


Sounds a bit like how I felt about Woakes 4 years ago, although more bowling all-rounder with him, and tbf I’ve been proven wrong about that. Mostly because he actually managed to add an extra 5-10 MPH to his standard ball, which I was very surprised by, and maintain accuracy.




worra screamer. some great catches from yjb this series.


such a tiny edge and also almost had that hand off the bat too.


Looking forward to seeing Olivier bowl. Great first class record, and he was great in his only test appearance so far