ENG vs SA Test series - all hail President Root 🦗



That went fairly well


It’s a wicket fest!

Here’s hoping for one of those ‘Professional sport descending into farce’ days and there’ll be like 18 wickets in a day.


& 500 runs


just went on the BBC live text to check the score


[scrolls down]

[blue text background]

oh ffs


never mind, Stokes will do the busine-

[blue text background]


Time for another 4 wickets tonight…


The collapse is on…


Am off tomorrow.

Weighing up whether it’s worth an all-dayer in the pub (largely on the fizzy water) or not.


maybe start the day off there, but have other options planned out in case it’s 76-4 at lunch?


Going to Trent Bridge tomorrow. I can feel Gaz Baz grinding out a functional but excrutiating 60, while everyone else collapses around him.


An acceptable turnout from tomorrow (assuming fairly big loss):
decent score from cook
either an excellent performance (leading to future success) or total failure from Jennings (so we can all move on)
the same from Ballance
no injuries
someone from 4-7 to show some gumption over a couple of hours


I would accept more or less anything that lasts until at least 5pm, with a run rate over 3 an over. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.


Cook triple century, finishing tomorrow on 475-9 from the last ball.



Well that was pretty poor. Takes a new guard on off stump*, bat nowhere near the pad, ball through a sizeable gate to take out off. Lad needs some more time in the county circuit - he’s had a taste of the levels required, so hopefully he knows what to focus on.

*Genuinely didn’t know that most pros take a leg or middle and leg guard until they were talking about it the other day - I was always taught to go middle, with the odd decent batsman at our level going towards the off stump. Guess when you’re proper high level batsman, you trust your hand-eye co-ordination to pick up what you can see, and you’re more concerned with keeping everything in your eye line on the straight. Opens up the drive as well I suppose.


I have placed 5 (five) pounds on England to win.


Tough on Ballance, but playing from the back of the crease is rarely ideal when there’s variable bounce. Really tough situation though. If South Africa just hammered back of a length, they’d get enough scuttling through over the next 2 days


Pretty hard on Ballance on this pitch against some incredibly accurate seam bowling from Philander, but the clock has got to be ticking pretty hard for him at the moment. Jennings’ dismissal looks worse every time you see a replay though. Just not quite there yet… like every other opening partner Cook’s had in the last 5 years, unfortunately.

Does anyone follow enough county cricket to tell me who the standout candidates would be for 2 and 3 at the moment? I believe Robson has been scoring pretty well and pushing for a second go, and I hear good things about Rory Burns at Surrey… any others?


Burns and Stoneman*.

*Please don’t take Burns and Stoneman.


Ah yes of course, Stoneman was class at Durham for ages, glad to see he’s doing well down at the Oval.


aye, from what I’ve seen and read, Stoneman is next up