England v Slovakia SUPERTHREAD


Obviously it will be dreadful, but given the discussions about the limp first half against Malta, and all the young kids going to Germany and all that, and let’s be honest the near two decades of fucking boring shite, i was wondering if we could talk hypothetical decent Engerlund XIs. I think we’ve got a team brewing. Obviously it will be chronically mismanaged and we’ll carry on the experienced foreign coach/should be an Englishman merry-go-round, 2-0 all the shite and get knocked out of every tournament as soon as we come up against any side with a bit of nous, but just for a minute let’s pretend it’s not a shambles and give me your best or actually interesting England XIs complete with non-noddy coach (then later we can discuss the shite on the pitch)…


England had better win their remaining games, the dicks.


I’d watch this team. Idk, Pochettino as coach, but realistically not really.


bring on the Slovakians… :lion::muscle::uk:


Get Pulis in and actually get a full-on English football identity on the go, score all our goals from set-pieces and never concede with the following:

Jack Butland

Martin Kelly, Ryan Shawcross, Gary Cahill, Tyrone Mings

Conor Wickham, Eric Dier, Sam Clucas, James Ward-Prowse (on FKs)

Harry Kane, Andy Carroll


This was what I had hoped the big Sam era would have been. Defoe playing off Carroll…


Get sherwood in and start a war of attrition with that sodding band.

Refuse to ever sack him and give him full control of the FA and all youth policy until the band promises never to come to an England match again.




If ever a game needed its own thread, it’s this one!


find the best club with a fully english starting XI, and get their manager in for the england gig too, and just let them play it as the club, maybe change the kit to match, maybe rotate it every season


Having had a wee skim through some champo squads, we will be represented tonight by…


good luck, tykes!




Sheff Utd will be disappointed to have missed out here.


Walker above Trippier? Don’t be ridiculous


Sorry that should be *Walker-Peters


Literally nobody cares about this game


It also feels like England play Slovakia every three months


5 in midfield is a bit much imo




Not mutually exclusive but both correct