England vs Pakistan - 2nd Test - Headingley 🦗

Finger’s crossed we get a more competitive Test up in Leeds today.

Stokes has done his hammy, don’t think there’s been a call either way as of yet if he’ll play today? Woakes looking like a straight replacement for him if he doesn’t make it. Young gun Sam Curran could be making his debut.

Our very own @nemrac is attending. Anyone else going over the weekend?

I haven’t got a ticket but if it goes the 5 days (don’t laugh). I’m free to hit it up on Tuesday.

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Oh nice! Could be a good day that if it goes the distance.

Humid as fuck in Leeds. Have a bowl

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Pakistan win the toss and choose to bat. Clear skies though and a lot of sun apparently so finger’s crossed some cloud cover comes in soon and we get it hooping around.

State of this.



The putter.

Can somebody Photoshop this so they’re all carrying cricket bats?

Lad second from the left has a decent grip tbf

Hands are a bit far apart

That’s what I was thinking.

Not arsed who wins, just want it to go the distance or i might end up doing household chores.


Edit: gah.

Awful shot that!

Check the weather forecast

Broad’s on one.

Played Vaughany.

What do we feel about our new medium pace teenager here? He seems like a good lad as it’s swinging, wouldn’t mind a bat against him myself if it was going straight.

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Looks quite assured for a debut. Imagine there’d be a few dobbers without the cloud cover aye.

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