England vs Pakistan - 2nd Test - Headingley 🦗

Is tory bowling-Jones still injured?

Ooooo I’d forgotten all about him

Well this is a little better eh

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Pakistan should’ve listened to the local expert

Think Root looks proper sexy there.

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He’s a handsome chappy and no mistake.

I can feel a LADS, YOU’VE GOT TO BAT MORE coming the way of :pakistan:

Bit of a wag there. Hopefully not a first innings lead wag.

If you see someone on telly wearing a Rival Schools t-shirt and dungarees and sat next to an old dude in an embarrassing hat it’s not me


It’s really fucking hot guys


What a day though! You and your old man must be well chuffed :slightly_smiling_face:

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He’s having a great old time

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It’s back on!

Come on Dom. He looks like he could be A Great Bunch of Nightwatchman.

315 is the record innings score without a fifty, record watchers

Think Cricinfo’s statistician might be a DiSser:

“Mohammad Amir is one of those things that seems like it’ll be great, like a cycling holiday, but the reality is never that good”

Nah a DiSer would never admit their cycling holiday wasn’t thst good.

50 for Butler, hopefully he’ll do a few nice thwacks now.

It could be a way of a non-bike wanker having a dig about biking holidays

Monster of a 6 that!

<3 Jimmy

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