England vs Pakistan, first Test, 24th-28th May, Lords 🦗

Summer is here! It’s raining in London! Hopefully the weather should hold until 6pm so should see near enough a full day’s play. Anyone going?

Haven’t seen much of Dom Bess so hopefully the weather improves over the next few days and we’ll see him do a bit. Buttler recalled and Root moves up to 3 in the batting order after professing his love for coming in at 4. Inzzy’s nephew’s opening the batting for Pakistan!

Oh yeah I need to get all my work done by 11am actually.

Not seen Dom Bess but nice short name. And can have a good headline of ‘Simply the Bess’ which kinda works.

Happy to have Butler back.

Also Dom Bess sounds like a cricketer from the 1920s as well so that’s nice.

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Ah yeah, was wondering why it was raining…


Yup, I’m on my way there right now. Got my hat, shades, sunscreen and rain coat packed - standard :+1:

performs sun dance :sunny:


Oh nice man! Have a good day. Can you bosh in a pic from the ground?


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Half an hour to go, the sun has emerged ten miles up the road.

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Game on…


Lovely view of the pavilion man :+1:

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Got annoyed by the inaccuracy of this card. Should be way more through your shot by the time the ball is there. (Take it to pedants’ corner)

Well that was coming.

looks like it was dug in short and is heading past the batter’s shoulders. The batter, to their credit is standing firm, unintimidated, safely watching it fly to the keeper.


Oh come on!

could just be leaving it on width regardless

i think what we can both agree on, is that that batter has everything under control and is loving that leave.

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Could be a full toss that has not yet bounced.

it could be, the batter is still having a lovely time leaving it. as it sails over to first slip

Just thumbed-down my first Michael Vaughan comment on the BBC feed. Summer has begun!


first match of the season, the bowler’s just having a Harmison there…

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