England vs Pakistan, first Test, 24th-28th May, Lords 🦗

Oh come on

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Come. On.


Was the shot as bad as it sounds Petters?

To the pub!

It was pretty ugly yes.


So, so brave

I’m going on Saturday. Should see some Pakistani wickets fall. And maybe some England second-innings wickets…

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Gonna put the mockers on him here but Cook looks pretty comfortable?

NB: Justin Langer loving leave


A true pedant would draw Langer’s body position at the same point that the ball is in the drawing above to show you how wrong you are but I have work to do…in the park.

I just want to watch cricket but I have to do work… :cry:


Bespectacled cricketers:

Zaheer Abbas
Jack Leach
Daniel Vettori
Clive Lloyd

funny you should say that. I was watching some MLB last night, and noticed one of the Giants’ team wearing a pear of spectacles. always seems somewhat risky.

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Big Devon. Not pretty specs either.


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Ooft, big ol’ Deidre Barlow bins.

Have you ever drunk champagne in the stand of a cricket ground?

  • I’m a massive tory twat and i’ve got a butt for a face
  • Obviously no

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Voted no, but definitely would if I had the chance.

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I’ve taken in my own prosecco to Lords but it’s one of the only cricket grounds in the world where you can take your own booze in so enjoyed the novelty. Thought the pints would be really pricey in there but it was very reasonable (for London).

BBC feed reckons the cheapest bottle of champers in the ground is 300 sniffs :confused: