🦗 England's Tour of Bangladesh

it barely seems like a little under a month since the end of the international summer over here.

It’s going to be a really tough winter 1 for England. probably the toughest test for this young/new look/modern game England team so far. I can’t be bothered to look it up, but it’s possible Bangladesh have won the last two fixtures between these teams, idk, they’ve got a decent home record either way, and I’ve heard it’s not an easy place to go and play your cricket.

Anyway, use this thread to discuss the Bangladesh section of the Winter tour. Any detailed chat of the India tour must be retained for a later more relevant thread.

Gosh, the outfield looks pretty dangerous. Divots galore.

Should be a fairly interesting series in terms of scoping out new players. Haven’t seen all that much of Duckett and nominative determinisms Jakey ‘The Ball’ Ball.

Edit: if any thread is going to get @JohnM to start posting on the new boards then this is the one!

no TMS? any commentary anywhere?

woah! for reals? that’s weak. what’s that all about?

Just occasional updates on 5Live, nothing on sports extra

I’m angry about that. very angry. Is it on talk sport or anything?

Edit: Looks like it’s on talk sport 2

yeah, come on @JohnM we need some reliability behind the stumps here.

I think Duckett could be something special. But then about five years ago I said Steve Finn would be the best fast bowler in the world by now so probably best to ignore me.

talksport is such shit

It’s hard to trust someone who is clearly 3 children stood on top of each other in a trench coat with a broom for a hand.


Would you like a alcohol?


yeah. My only experience was the T20 world cup (i think). bad commentary and adverts every bloomin’ over and other interruptions too. total prickguff.

I went to Stock Market today. I did a business.

NB - only just found out Alison Brie does the voice for Vincent!

good luck with your business transactions

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This is now the Bojack Horseman thread.

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well this is going well…

Making a real hash of this here.

Looking a bit better now plus other insights.