🦗 England's Tour of Bangladesh

Do love watching Stokes bat. Duckett is playing a good innings with the bat in his hands also.

Stokes fiddy!

Always a good sign for the future when a debutant grinds out some runs when the team are in a tight spot

What do you think he would do if he faced a big bouncer coming at his head Aggers?

I wouldn’t know mate, there’s no fucking TMS!!! (duck it)

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often think cricketers have the best lives out of all professional sportsmen.

games are called ‘tours’ for fucks sake.

once you get to the destination of the game (either South Asia or the fucking Caribbean) most of your time is spent chilling in the clubhouse or standing around on a field doing nothing.

its for these reasons and many more that cricket should be considered a ‘sport’ in the same sense that professional gaming and chess are considered ‘sports’.

As a Northants’ fan, so pleased for Duckett and the club.

Only 18 months ago he was banned from the wheel for drink driving and wasn’t allowed on the pre-season tour to Barbados as he was too fat.

Some turnaround. Remember first being wowed when he clubbed 150 against Derbyshire on a Sunday in the county game last summer. Seemed to come out of nowhere. Now just immense this year.

boof! Stokes dropped again.

Meetings all morning, then I come back to find that to listen to the cricket I have to put up with something called “Talksport 2”. You can consider me irked.

Selflessy letting Jos twat it about for the last 10 overs as well, what a debut!

Butler was like 24 off 25 balls, now 55 off 33. ouch.

Buttler doing delicious Butler things. Commentating is way too shrieky.

That’s a great team performance, with Roy, Duckett, Stokes and Buttler all making it work.

Now to see what Moeen and Adil can do.

On for a good finish here.

NEED wickets.

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Kayes has been immense.

he really has. He made a sketchy start; playing and missing a lot, but he’s batted England out of the game.

Bit surprised Root hasn’t bowled at all.

what, lobbed a few in from Yorkshire?

I’ve got Root and Vince confused, haven’t I…

I guess Vince could have turned his arm. He might have been able to eat up some of Moeen’s overs.