English Channel Boat Incident cw: Death

This is just beyond awful


Couldn’t think how to properly word the title btw so feel free to change it.

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There are so many totally immoral things this government does but tying in refugee deaths with criminality is easily the most outrageously horrific, cynical punching down.
And it won’t work, which they surely know, nothing but improving methods of safe passage will but they’re so afraid of brown people they’d rather the thing becomes a decades long crisis instead.
Again, I have no idea how these politicians are still getting away with it, it’s completely mind boggling.


This is what we’ve just been saying here. The only way to prevent things like this from happening is to make it safe, provide official boats or whatever. They can talk as much as they like about ‘getting tough on the gangs’ or tightening borders, but as long as there are no sanctioned, regulated methods of migration in this manner, there will always be people desperate enough to try any means necessary, and those willing to exploit it. It’s probably the thing in current politics that makes me the saddest and angriest and this has just heightened it all. It’s 2021 for fucks sake, this should not be allowed to happen.


Exactly - there’s no level of danger that would stop people trying to make the crossing (especially if they’ve just left somewhere like Afghanistan or Syria), and if traffickers are the only game in town they’ll obviously still be using them. Even when they get here there’s the detention and processing centres that’re so below standard and needlessly cruel.
The fact is we caused the crises with our actions in the past 20 years, and we’ll keep doing far less than we should be because racism happens to be a vote winner atm, so even Labour are leaning to the right. It’s such a dire shitshow.


It’s even more specifically terrible than that


Fucking hell.


Playbook quotes the bit about the soldier and family, but it follows a mention of a successful crossing, so I don’t know if that’s their error or if they’re some of the lucky ones?

Absolute tragedy and utterly sickening that this will be celebrated by some.


I see

Well, in a way it doesn’t really matter whether this specific tragedy involved this specific soldier or not -
the utter moral & legal failure and deep cruelty at all levels of the home office when it comes to asylum, citizenship & immigration is plainly obvious & frankly inhuman

and getting worse

I wrote a 500 word angry rant here but it’s probably best deleted

The global power structures around policing borders are quite probably the worst invention of the human race and the thing I’m most politically pessimistic about as we steer into a near future of walling ourselves in as our feeble response to climate crises and the resource wars & population displacement that come with it

Why do people keep electing psychopathic governments? When will it end?


deaths lie squarely at the feet of the worst Govt in UK history


Yeah, I mean, they tried to ban the RNLI from saving drowning migrants ffs

Get them out


Sorry guys, I know venting like this doesn’t do any good and neither does me actually reading the comments, but see all the comments on this story that are are akin to This is the fault of the French / they should be doing more to stop them crossing/ France should take more refugees /seek asylum in the first country you come to… etc - absolutely fuck these people so fucking much man.


This tragedy has probably only strengthened their foothold really hasn’t it? And the opposition this week claiming there were too many migrants coming here and the govt wasn’t doing a good enough job keeping them out. What chance have you got? Honestly. I despair


Did you see Patel’s tweets?

They’re really going all out to brand this ‘a tragedy in French waters’

Sick fuckers

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I feel the same

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I had to block her a while back and it’s a good thing I did. I saw someone quote tweeting her last night lambasting what she’d said, so I went to click on the link to see what evil she’d come out with and Twitter wouldn’t let me. Amazingly I was a bit annoyed I couldn’t read it, took me a few seconds before I went “ah, yes, it’s better I don’t read that”

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Really had to bite my tongue in the office yesterday when a colleagues first reaction to hearing this news was ‘why didn’t they just claim asylum in France?’. We were very thin on the ground and for various reasons it wouldn’t have been appropriate to address it there and then, but I’m still angry about it. Aside from the barely veiled xenophobia, how can that be your reaction when hearing about the loss of life of anyone, let alone vulnerable persecuted people who just want to live in safety.

Anyway, feel immensely sad about this. Everything about it is tragic. Fuck our government and fuck all of the media outlets who are reporting this with such callousness today.

One thing to look out for, and that gets really really muddled in the reporting, is the distinction between people smuggling and human trafficking. Casting all assisted movement across borders as ‘trafficking’ means all migrants crossing irregularly have their agency removed and policies can be designed that are deliberately blind to the actual reasons why they are attempting to cross. If they’re victims of crime in need of protection (and control), then it doesn’t matter. Their actual predicaments don’t need to come into consideration. This conflation has also helped the project of criminalising legitimate humanitarian assistance so anyone helping people seek asylum, even if they do it altruistically, is criminalised.


explanation of the distinction:


really similar thing happens with sex work too