Ennio Morricone RIP

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Such iconic scores.

Oh no. What a legacy

Dang. Was really hoping I’d be able to see him score some of his music before the inevitable. Should’ve made the effort (and paid the expense) before


My Mum’s favourite piece of music…


Would be a great HGATR actually @Funkhouser


RIP. This is an amazing piece of work, later lifted by Tarantino for Kill Bill.

Nighty night

I could listen to this forever.


One of the first albums I ever owned from Woolworths featured this. What mood in his music.


Will always associate the Ecstasy of Gold with Metallica coming on stage. It’s a trick they’ve been using for 20 years but still gives me goosebumps every time they do it. Brilliant piece of music


Everyone should have a copy of this:

Saw him play just over a year ago at the Roman amphitheatre in Verona. The weather was just horrific - torrential rain - but it didn’t stop a 90 year old from energetically leading an amazing evening of music.

I consider myself a big Ennio fan. I own about 50 of his albums and have probably heard 100+ but only know a fraction of his music. I think he scored well over 400 films and there is a host of non-film work to explore as well. I think if I make it to 80 I may stop listening to all other music and just dedicate all my listening to Ennio.

Will post a few favourites when I have the chance.


Very sad. Only touched the surface of what he has done but most of it is great. AS someone up there pointed out he’ll always be the soundtrack of Metallica coming on!

Recently listened to this one a few times and been getting into it.

May do a bit of deep dive off some of the recommendations in this thread…

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I didn’t know this existed!

The masters for this were destroyed in a fire so the only versions I was aware of are bodged together snippets taken from the film audio. I’d always assumed the score had been destroyed too but looks like this is a proper recording.


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Yeah i think it is!

I’m not that aware of the full history etc - someone commented somewhere that it had some good ‘fuzz’ on it :slight_smile: and then when i started looking around i started to realise it was ‘lost’ and whatnot.

I do hope it’s legit for you!

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Flat out one of the best composers ever


I watched this in a blissed out state in my early 20’s (long time ago) and it was a near religious experience.

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