Enormous compromises you make that irk you



If we’re sharing a garlic bread baguette/ciabatta I’ll have both end pieces because I know my wife doesn’t like them. Consequently this means she gets an extra slice of the buttery, garlicky middle while I’m chewing down on dry bread.

She’s done me here hasn’t she, I’m being done.

Portion sizes: the definitive poll thread, chat welcomed

I like the end bits most


She’s not going to sleep with you (I hope).


Fucking hell mate (makes the whiplash noise) THAT’S what you are (makes whiplash noise again).


I also make mr pn eat the end bits.


(puts thumb on forehead) also THAT.




Do you have an extra mid piece?


I am not sure. I don’t really count the amounts of bread I eat.


Went to see both Jurassic World and La La Land at the cinema. She didn’t even enjoy them


If we get a takeaway pizza it’s always the Couple’s Meal Deal with a medium pizza and two sides because, and I quote, “the large pizza is just too much pizza”.

Too. Much. Pizza.



I don’t know where to start


The sheer amount of owl tat in my living space.


Wow, he makes the ultimate sacrifice and you don’t even have the decency to share.


Actually, the entire house. I hate that house and didn’t want to rent it, but it was a compromise that I now resent daily.

Relationships are brilliant.


(mostly it’s the pizza thing)


I live in fucking New Cross…


Never having chicken in the house is a massive long term irk to be fair. Not that she won’t allow me to eat it, but just that she won’t eat it at all ever, which if you share every meal is an effective ban. No roast chicken dinners, no chicken curry, no chicken fajitas, no southern fried chicken, etc etc. I should emphasis that chicken on the bone is probably my favourite favourite favourite of the meats. I only eat it about once a year.


I sometimes have sex when I don’t feel like it for the sake of the relationship.


Well being a Golf widow, my life is dictated by the weather. Which means if its raining, he’s up in my grill ruining my free time.
I also have had to get up at unreasonable hours because he’s wanted to go play golf and this only happens on a Saturday and Sunday. Also have to visit a golf course wherever we fucking go on holiday.
And if I ever want to go out or do something with him during the day at the weekend, we can’t. And then come the evening he’s tired. FUCK i’m such a good girlfriend putting up with all this shit.