Enter the Nottingham (36 Hours)

For no good reason I’m in Nottingham this weekend.

What should two fresh fellows get up to in this historic city?

Recommendations for places to eat and drink are particularly welcome.

Brian Clough statue

Think the Wimpy has closed down now

That’s it

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Bugman’s Bar as the answer to all questions.


Nah for real you need to go underneath the city, it’s fascinating. Used to be called Snottingham, don’t ya know. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_of_Caves

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Lunch at Hooters.

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Depends what food/vibe you’re into.

Cafe Coco Tang is decent for Vietnamese food and a cocktail
Bar Iberico good for nice chilled out Tapas.

Neither of those are too expensive.

Drinks wise I really like Pelican Club for a cocktail and The Keans Head for a beer.

I’ll be at The Bodega Saturday evening as a couple friends are DJing, if you fancy popping your head round.


Only half an hour on the train to Derby

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I almost went to Nottingham once but then didn’t, as I had to be elsewhere that day.


I went to Nottingham once. I had lunch at a middle eastern restaurant on the road between the rail station and Hooters in the company of Billy Childish and Bill Drummond of the KLF, amongst others, while a women belly danced around our table. Quite a weird experience, to be honest. I went for a pint after that at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. And then went to see some punk bands play in the upstairs at a pub I don’t remember the name of. All in all, I think I’d happily go to Nottingham again.


think there’s a bar thats medieval themed or something and they do pitchers

Do you have to take your own camera?

not sure

Was it The Old Angel?

I think you’re right, yes. That does sound familiar.

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Great pub back in the day. Seen some good bands there.

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What food floats your collective boats?

The caves and galleries of justice are our only tourist attractions; both a fine/10.

Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem is worth a visit if you like really old things. It claims to be the oldest pub in the country. It smells a bit because it’s built into the caves and the beer selection is far from amazing, but otherwise fine.

The Malt Cross is a lovely place to drink but there’s not much else near it. That said, the town centre is tiny and you can get around it really easily. Also a big fan of The Dragon and Herbert Kilpin/Junkyard (two good drinks places right next to each other).

We’ve got a Tiny Rebel bar and a Brewdog opposite each other on Broad St.

At the train station end of town, there’s the Canal House which is nice and has a bit of canal in it. There’s a new Castle Rock place very close to the station but I’ve not been in. Might be shite.

If you’re shopping, we have the best comic shop in the universe (Page 45) and a Fopp.


We like it all, maaaann. One of us is veggie/vegan most of the time so best to allow for that.

Will definitely give The Dragon and HK/J a look.

May have a peek in Page 45, though I’m definitely not a nerd.


Day ticket for the tram and have a ride around on that

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My friend is an environmental issues maniac so I think our visit will spend some time focused on the transport system.

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