Enter the Nottingham (36 Hours)

Best high end: Mem Saab or Calcutta Club
Best mid range: Cumin or Laguna
Best budget: Desi Downtown
Special shout outs:
Tamatanga, it’s pretty much the Wagamama model but for Indian food and I think it’s an underrated curry house in Notts. It looks like it should be a chain, but it isn’t.
Mowgli, Indian small-plates. Can get a bit pricey if you’re a good eater though.

Shanghai Shanghai.

Suede is best, Oscar & Rosie’s a close second.

Annie’s burger shack - gets really busy and I don’t like it when it’s packed, but the burgers are ace. Every burger has a vegan option, which is cool.
Bunk - they do beer, cocktails, wings and hot dogs.
(they do quorn wings and hot dogs too)

We’ve got a Yo!, but Manga Sushi is a bit better.

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This is super kind of you, thanks!

Anything for you, old bean!

Hope you have a wonderful time in this little city. I’m not around much at the weekend or I’d offer to show you around.

Ooh, we have an arboretum that you can easily get the tram to. It’s not amazing, but still lovely if you fancy escaping the greyness of town.

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Has anyone said zaap yet? Great Thai stuff. Also Das Kino is foor for drinks and the pizzas are amazing.

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Prefer Bonsai for sushi tbh.

Bonsai’s fucking shit, mate!

Never been

Did you have a lovely time, saps?

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I blinking well did, chief.

We were super close to everything. Stayed at the Ibis and went to many of the places suggested here as well as some exploring of our own.

Had a nice roast in The Angel before catching the train home too.

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Had a lovely Fish Xacutti in tamatanga. And an amazing Parma Violet cocktail in Bunk.


I had a roast there yesterday too!

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Awww, I’m well glad!

The Ibis is really well placed isn’t it, close to loads of nice places and well easy to get to/from the station.

And that Parma Violet cocktail is great isn’t it?

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GF has a membership there, makes it well cheap. Really nice to pop up for a weekend when we’re she’s in the country.

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