Entering threads

so when you click on a brand new thread it takes you to the OP, obviously. cool.

when you return to a thread from the social page it takes you to where you left off, still cool.

when you search for a thread and then click on it it takes you to a specific post somewhere in the thread. usually about halfway between replies you have already read.


speculate below



Why not

Nothing to do with me.


I really miss threadsmash


Don’t have a cow, man! Yeesh!

it fucks me off japes and i don’t like it

i think why? because the board’s a twat is why

It’s like “Take a chill pill, bro!”


Is the thing you’re searching for in that specific post that you end up in, as well as the thread title?

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i want to know how it picks the posts that it takes you to, there doesn’t seem to be a connection between them

is dis trying to tell me something?


maybe, let me try it

That’s probably it isn’t it

Mods, put one of those solved ticks on this please

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more like a dunno-er!

eh… fuckin BOOM

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are you saying do nut or dough nut

there are things man wasn’t meant to know

yeah actually i think you’ve cracked it

@mods dingdong deserves a tick for that one

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When I search for entering threads it takes me to the OP.

Am I doing it wrong/right?

almost certainly

I’m gonna admit I’ve never liked the new boards. The old boards looked better, were easier to use and the way it was designed provided a much funnier communicative dialogue imo.

Whereas new DiS feels like instant messenging website sometimes, it’s too ‘real’ and I don’t actually get this ‘two-way conversation between two people’ on what is supposed to be a forum site where you discuss things with many (anonymous) people designed for everyone to read.

Sorry if that makes me a bad person, I get the feeling we’re not really allowed to say this.

i miss nested replies. made things much easier to follow imo

stuff actually working is quite nice though.