Entering threads


so when you click on a brand new thread it takes you to the OP, obviously. cool.

when you return to a thread from the social page it takes you to where you left off, still cool.

when you search for a thread and then click on it it takes you to a specific post somewhere in the thread. usually about halfway between replies you have already read.


speculate below




Why not


Nothing to do with me.


I really miss threadsmash


Don’t have a cow, man! Yeesh!


Oh no ant’s done you there japes hahaha


it fucks me off japes and i don’t like it

i think why? because the board’s a twat is why


It’s like “Take a chill pill, bro!”


HAHAHA. Oh @japes you’re being mugged off in front of your very own eyes. So good.


Is the thing you’re searching for in that specific post that you end up in, as well as the thread title?


i want to know how it picks the posts that it takes you to, there doesn’t seem to be a connection between them

is dis trying to tell me something?



maybe, let me try it


That’s probably it isn’t it

Mods, put one of those solved ticks on this please


Takes me to exactly where I want it to

But then as a donor I get a lot more privilege



more like a dunno-er!

eh… fuckin BOOM


Should have said do-nut!


are you saying do nut or dough nut


there are things man wasn’t meant to know


The latter.