Environment quick wins

Trees are grown specifically for the purpose of printing books. Mostly in Scandinavia. Therefore books mean more trees being planted. Paper manufacturing is irrelevant to the logging of the rainforests.

[I know you’re probably joking but I’ve heard this same thing said many times by people who are a hundred per cent serious and it irks me.]

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I tried to carpool with the full roaster for a trip to the Essex heartlands yesterday. 150 mile round trip. Wasn’t having any of it.


Nah, burn all current books, such a waste of paper.

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How did he turn you down?

Bollocks though, isn’t it

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^this. Stop pissing around at the edges Jamie Oliver - mega tax on beef (and to a lesser extent, cow’s milk) saves the planet AND people’s digestive tract.


Should we still be wearing it at this point?

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Yeah. Never works.

I’ll give you my iron when you pry it from my cold, dead hands


He uhmed and ahhed a bit and said who would drive and I said I didn’t mind and he said he would think about it and then at the end of the day (before) he said it would be too difficult to coordinate the morning. We live five to seven minutes apart.

Big fan of this guy

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I bet he was thinking of an excuse all day and that was the best he cud come up with. It wudnt have held up to any scrutiny u shud have made him squirm


I’m his boss so I am going to punish him relentlessly.

Oh no now I’m on his side, imagine it your boss asking you to car share!


Yeah but I’m a really cool guy.

‘you can catch a lift with me but no roast eating in the motor’

“and I WILL be farting as and when I please”

Have you had him over for a nut roast before?

No but I have been to his communal carpark to meet him before going to the cinema (twice).