Epic threads that you wish were new threads

People have been trying to do that with the new board splits and move to weekly/monthly subject threads instead of rolling ones.

I agree and think it’s something that could be better now we have split boards.

All of them, if something has over 100 posts and I haven’t read any of them then I’m not going to.

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Just looking at the list of social board threads in descending size order and noticed that I have 1800+ unread replies to read in that awful riddles thread :smiley: :smiley:

TBH, most of the big threads are either (a) ones that I’ve been interested in and have kept up with or (b) ones that I have no real interest in (beer, gear, bikes). If I’m really interested in something, I’ll sometimes skip to, say, post 6800 of 6900 and pick up the conversation from there.

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This was the basic concept of splitting off the separate boards etc, the hope that there could be more specific threads, but I guess the inertia of the rolling threads is a hard thing to break. Would it be better to have a separate thread for Squid Game or Vigil etc that just a few points in the rolling streaming thread? I think I’d prefer it but :man_shrugging:

I wish this was a new thread just so I could experience it in real time again


I agree that the larger TV/film releases could do with their own threads


i think yes

but most people seem really averse to starting a new thread for some reason


I’ve tried Sean, I’ve bloody tried


Would pay someone €50 to recreate the football thread from Euro 2016 when England lost to Iceland in real time on NewDiS.

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think as a cyclist, beer wanker etc they’re pretty good at engaging with people just popping by/dropping in for the first time.

as to whether youd get more people popping by if they were smaller threads I dunno… :man_shrugging:

I think it’s because, while anyone is free to start a thread, many of the sections in the boards have posters who put up lots of threads and things so it’s not clear if you’re treading on toes by starting something that might overlap something else or is a spinoff, and then you end up in a situation where you have two parallel threads, e.g. a Squid Game thread and then a discussion in the TV thread. Definitely had it before where other posters have been like ‘err we’re discussing that already in here’ which is fine but doesn’t come across particularly nice if someone starts a thread and hasn’t kept up with some 3,000 megathread.


Maybe if there are 5+ replies on a different topic it’s worth considering if even more people would join in on a new thread? You can’t even get a mod to move a few posts over or just copy paste.

You cab also link to a post in a thread and it’ll add a link to a new post in the rolling thread beneath the post you linked to (I’m not sure I can even follow that logic but hopefully you can)

It’s the trying that counts!

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For this week only, how about we go nuts and don’t worry about hurting any one’s feelings and see how it goes? Report back next week?

I guess I’d not even open that thread any more as it’s so epic but I might click on a “cloudwater appreciation thread” - srsly amazing beers fyi (like you needed telling)

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Absolutely not trying to be narky or argumentative but these boards have a pretty decent search function - especially if you do so within specific threads. I doubt anyone was deliberately being shirty (DiS is a good place as far as gatekeeping goes imho) but also I don’t think it’s unfair to ask users to put in a very minimal amount of effort on stuff like that.

In my opinion, creating a new thread is the single most noble and useful thing that a community member can do.


“A new thread embiggens the smallest poster”, as they say


Yeah, I heard that once