Epic threads that you wish were new threads

Yeah, I heard that once

Great things posted in social media > Iliad

I could see tv show threads being split into monthly ones or specific to the show. Maybe I’m just missing which others you’re thinking cause I have no interest in them anyway?

But take for example the parenting thread, I feel is posted in infrequently enough that you can catch up or for example when I first joined there wasn’t much need to read through past posts, and is a subject that any new questions/thoughts can just be dumped in there.

I’m also a person who has no qualms about making threads on a board I’m new to though so.

The most intimidating threads to me are the daily chat ones because obviously most are chatting to or reading the post of people you’ve been talking to for years, so it feels slightly intrusive to just pop in and insert yourself in a group convo cause you would do that IRL, but it’s obviously a bit different on the internet. Anyway, not saying anything needs to change about them just from my perspective there’s not much issue with the board dynamics on threads


Just use them as a personal blog of when you’ve been out for tea, that’s what i do. Good for like farming


Think of it like a huddle of people beneath a bus stop in the rain, and someone says something funny, and everyone is mates before the bus arrives.

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