Drives a company car

  • Has a Car
  • Doesn’t have a Car

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(not dead)


Are you allowed to drive it for non work purposes @Epimer


Yes, although if I’m going to take it out of the EU I need to inform someone for insurance reasons, I think. It hasn’t come up.


Has a tattoo

  • Has A Tattooo
  • Doesn’t Has A Tattoo

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But think of the P11D impact!


Anyone who’s leasing a motor doesn’t ‘have’ a car either by this logic.


Just wait until next April…


In that case I would say you have a car. Congratulations


Insists on being called doctor, a la Ross from friends

  • Yes
  • No

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Would you care to address the rumours that the real Epimer mysteriously went missing after defeating you at some penoid event or another and you’ve been posing as him ever since?


Wears his pants inside out

  • Wears his Pants Inside Out
  • Doesn’t Wears his Pants Inside Out

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The lease expires in a year or so. Haven’t decided if I’m buying it or not yet.


Thursday was yesterday m8


As it’s a company car, epimer should come and pick me up from Notts for the next Fenino

  • Yes
  • No (by voting for this option you will be added to my list of dickheads)

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I didn’t want to vote no but I want to fill like a part of a club


Furry Dice in the Mirror

  • Dice
  • No Dice

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Is thinking about, or is currently playing cards

  • Yes
  • No

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  • Yes
  • Ja

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That’s ludicrous. As if anyone would defeat me at a penoird event of any kind.