EPs that are a band's best work


Figured this might be a good starting point for finding some great EPs or new bands.

I’m realizing I only have a handful of EPs, so the only two definite ones I can think of are:
Jar of Flies by Alice in Chains
Love’s Crushing Diamond by Mutual Benefit

More than half of the time I’d throw Pikul by Silversun Pickups on that list too.


Deerhunter’s Fluorescent Grey


Nirvana - Bleach etc


Not best but Cherry Tree stands up with The National’s best albums IMO.


sugar - beaster


Can we include one off singles? Because I’d put DJ Shadow’s UK High Noon single in there.

Godspeed’s “Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada”

Mogwai’s Ten Rapid

You could make an argument for ATD-I’s Vaya EP maybe. @ericthefourth?


Slowdive’s first 3 EPs are by far their best work.


And singles wise Suede Stay Together is probably their best three songs


I think Vaya is ace but it wouldnt beat RoC or i/c/o for me


Tempted to say Verve’s EP is their best



again, not overall their best (and not one single EP) but some of the songs on the EPs Battles released before Mirrored are incredible (EP B, EP C etc)


Oh yeah. Would probably put EP C down


Champion Versions! Also EP2 contains my favorite songs by both Hundred Reasons and Mansun.


Ride, ‘Today Forever’


Minutemen - buzz or howl under the influence of heat
Mission of Burma- signals, calls and marches
Mudhoney - superfuzz bigmuff
The residents - duck stab
Nin- broken
Iron and wine - woman king
Godflesh - godflesh


Lazy Line Painter Jane by Belle and Sebastian


I think Tremulant might be Mars Volta’s best at times.


Discharge - why?


The ep’s that were collected as Stridium II are zola jesus’ best work. Kind of think it is a shame, if it was released as an album I think it would be considered a classic, much better than any of her proper albums


twoism by BoC is the stand out one.

Young Fathers Tape Two maybe as well. Although its a close ran thing (they are re-releasing their eps as an album this year btw)