Er so what do you guys think about


Quality Street pick and mix?

Getting what you like vs price x playing the fiddle for the QS marketing dept


Literally no opinion.



It wouldn’t be Christmas with a load of one sweet that no-one wants left at the bottom of the tin.


They’ve come up with an answer for a problem that doesn’t exist. It’s just average chocolate whatever you have in the tin.


if i could pick and mix quality street/ heroes and celebrations into a single tin I might be interested

but my tin would be 95% made up of heroes and celebrations


Thank you for sharing


How about if you could just fill a tin with liquid chocolate that then sets in the tin?


Well into this. Just the fruit cremes for me, please.


I hate them. Maybe we should hook up?


would be hard to eat - i don;t think this is a good idea


Off-topic, but sure.


Very fond of a topic so that is also convenient.


Really up for it mate, delighted by the opportunity.

My mix would be nearly all Strawberry Cremes and then some fudges, some green triangles and some honeycomb crunches


Dunno if they still do, but a couple of years ago they did boxes of just these.


I ate them all.


I would go 75% purple and a few toffee type things and maybe a green.


You can get them in Poundland post-Christmas (and I did)


I quite like them all, we should hook up


It’s good how people enjoy different things eh


YOu have to choose 4 so
1)Green triangle
3)Green one that is solid choc
4)The goldish dome one that has caramel in