Eric Ted Curd: The November Football Thread

Tyrone Mings NOT retiring

Ireland U21s 2-1 up vs Italy until the 95th minute when they make three errors in a row in their own box and one of our lads heads a speculative Gnonto effort in :tired_face:

Early draft of Duran, Duran lyrics needed some work


Take it up with the good people of Sofascore

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Liberato Cacace is the best Italian squad player name not in an Italian squad


Saudi owned sheff united getting the vote over the line is pretty funny :grinning::grinning:

Was enjoying the novelty of watching Sligo Rovers defender Nando Pijnaker play against Ireland, until his Maguireesque error allowed Adam Idah through for an easy finish :smiley:

I know they havent played a competitive game in a year but Germany are so fucking bad man :grinning:

Late to the conversation, but I partly agree with this.

With resources at their disposal PL staff should be managing minutes better.

And if they can’t, then minute cap their asses, and we’ll have another boring thing for commentators to talk about every game.

I partly agree with this too, but only the bit about the coal mines


And the knee slides?

Unlucky, The Germans.

He’s never been the same since


Three more days until this nightmare is over, and the more acceptable nightmare of Liverpool playing a shot, injury-ravaged City begins.

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Surprised we didn’t veto that given Sir Jim’s impending involvement. Obviously we won’t be a multi-club model, technically, but there’s definitely a conflict of interest there as they could be interested in selling/loaning us players from Nice.

Are Newcastle, Sheff Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Everton, Wolves and Forest all multi-club models? Somewhat surprised that some like Brighton didn’t veto as well

That’ll be 8 injuries a piece then

think they use grasshoppers as a feeder/farm/laundering front in europe


Haaland a major doubt and Stones, Kovacic, Ederson, Ake and de Bruyne all ruled out by the club vs, let’s see, Konate, Joe Gomez and Gravenberch ‘currently being assessed’. Here’s your reply though.

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Not gonna see Villa v Spurs cause I’m at an escape room