Eric4 memorial "what's for dinner" thread

inspire me please

please don’t say burrito

because i’ll end up getting a burrito

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Chicken burger in the pub after my trip to B&Q.

living the dream

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Could get a burrito from Frankie & Benny’s while I’m at the leisure park, mind.

btw I had a turkey burger for lunch yesterday and it was just a roll on turkey

like, just slices of turkey. wtf. not what i was anticipating. still ate it though, obviously.

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you’re better than that, eps

You’re right. Sorry.

I’ll get the hot dog.

Alright, chaps?

no further forward re: my dinner

I made a decent sausage and mash on Friday. Not much effort but you need half a bottle of red wine and about an hour and a half to let it stew down.

i’m with you here

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Left over pizza. We ordered a 20 inch and ate not even half of it :blush:

i had a pizza last night. i definitely did eat all of it.

How can you start a Eric4 memorial thread (he’s not gone for good, right?) and instantly say “don’t say burrito”.

Some sodding memorial.


It’s because the bf also ordered a massive box of carbonara too. I warned him, I did warn him. he did not listen and as a result we have pizza for dinner tonight too. He made the right choice. I can’t wait.




when i get in i will be having the two leftover slices of pide i didn’t eat yesterday as a “starter”

might go filled pasta with homemade pesto for main?

more reeses christmas bits for pudding, and maybe a mince pie/…

oh yeah i’ve got some pasta left over that i had forgotten about

might just have that :upside_down_face: