Ericthefourth and colon_closed_bracket would like us to start the evening thread

so here it is. How are we all?

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Not bad, bit bored. Tried playing half life but wasnt happening. About to eat some veggie burgers and figure out what to do with the rest of the eve.

Ma pals just turned up with some booze, weed and a couple of tickets to Jon ronsons psychopath thing at the citz :+1:


Climbing for a change

Just got back from gym, dinner then watching footy

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Playing an improv gig at nine. Going to mangle the bass. Might drink a raaaaake of pints afterwards.

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That’s an evening right there! Cheers lopes! :beers:

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Got a couple of nice beers in, think I’m gonna watch legion then play majora’s mask

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Gluck with the gig!

(pretend I’m cowcow and did a funny father ted meme)

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(I’m imagining a “Careful now” meme here.)

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Evening all, and thanks to @cutthelights for hosting this evening’s evening thread.

No massive plans but I might have a Creme Egg. There hasn’t been an Easter chocolate thread this year, has there?


had a really stressful day, on this weekly development thing for work (during my time off no less), haven’t really done coding before so feel really out of my depth, and my project aim is a bit vague, but I came in and my mentor wasn’t around so started reading and watching some tutorials on software, became a lot more positive, realised however daunting it is it is just a case of building individual elements then nesting it all together in a logical way totally doable, and thought of a more focussed end product for my product. then my mentor came in and really shot me down for not being advanced enough, I don’t see the point of doing something complex for the sake of it I want to make a useful tool, and he said I need to make something that stands up with pervious cohorts and makes my organisation look good, so now I am totally panicking, seems totally at odds with the induction where we were told it was all about the learning and if the end result doesn’t come through it doesn’t matter so long as we learn along the way. want to quit but probably can’t, this is going to be hanging over me for months.

just listening to my album in the dark in my boxers.


Had my first creme egg of the year yesterday and now I want another one

Your album’s called In The Dark, In My Boxers?


it should be!


I’ll lob one up to Edinburgh for you :slight_smile:

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You can make this happen!

Can’t wait to hear this :smiley:

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