Ermm Friday?



Sat in bed having coffee. Working from home today so basically it’s the weekend.

Everyone OK?


I’m ok, thanks for your concern stickers.

I’m flying to Bristol tonight to see and have fun with a collection of ATDs for the weekend which is very exciting. I got so excited getting ready this morning that I put a shirt on, what am I like!?


Also wfh today so you’re right, it is basically the weekend. And I have Monday off.

Still in bed. Nothing else to report.


Not wfh cos if I go to the office I get aircon.


One of my dearest friends is getting married tomorrow. This weekend is going to be good.


At work before 8am. It’s so much quicker and more pleasant to travel to work when the schools are off. As well as being a bit earlier than the full rush hour period. I got a quick job done and emailed out - to make sure managers and customers know that I am here so early. Emailed out at 8.01am. Boom! Coffee on my desk now. Thinking about whether or not to go to the canteen for some breakfast.


Off work today.

Mood: moody


New release on the label.
Off with the TV to St Albans for the weekend to see a couple of ATDs.
Think that about covers it.


At work since 5.30 to take delivery of a new fridge. The idiots didn’t have a a tail lift on their van, so the fridge couldn’t come off the van. Could have had another hour and a half in bed. FFS


Hi everyone, @stickboy

Slept fuck all last night. Got a scrstcg under my eye, it seems, so kept me awake. Not going to be very smooth today.


So, wait, did they build the van around the fridge? How’d it get there in the first place?


Kids in nursery/preschool and me and the TV are off so going to Liverpool for some shopping and food in the Baltic market


Morning folks. Monday for me today so filled with cba. Weathers looking a bit shitty too so could be a busy one. Got to pick up a new chest of drawers later, then might make some kind of Mexican feast.


gonna have to speak to my neighbour in a bit :frowning:


What have they done?


Forklift. But they never contacted us to ask if we have one (no m9, we don’t). So tried to hire one last night, but nowhere is open. They’ll be in tonight to try and set up. Spanners


just moaned at me about the garden yesterday. I’ve done some work on it but I fear it won’t be enough


fuck em. it’s your garden


Morning. Going to see fucked up tonight. ‘applying for jobs’ before then I guess


I don’t know what the issue is but hear them out, ask them questions and ask them for ideas. Then don’t commit to anything, just say you’ll think about what’s going to be possible and leave it like that. Sometimes in these types of situations just being a reasonable person who’s listened to them without actually committing to doing something is enough to calm things down.