Escape Rooms (online/virtual), or other comparable activities

Have done a couple in recent months with a couple of other couples, and it’s been quite fun.

It’s my turn to find the next one for us to do.

Got any recommendations?

It doesn’t absolutely have to be an escape room, just something of that ilk. Could be a board game perhaps, but I’m thinking that would tend to be competing against each other, whereas it’s nice to all be a team together on the same side.

Sign up for free. Sort games by mechanism. Scroll down to co-operative. There’s a how to play guide and rulebook with each one.

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Have you played any of the Jackbox games? They’re really fun.

Edit: sorry, I didn’t read the last line. You play against each other in jackbox ganes.


Ta. Have signed up.

6 player co-op is suggesting Concept and Haiclue. Concept defo looks like it could be a goer. Didn’t really suss Haiclue properly, even after seeing the video. On the presumption that each couple can be 1 player, the 3 player filter gives a few others: Hani, The Crew, Tranquility, Bandido, Forbidden Island, Solar Storm, and Yokia. Will have a look through.

Doesn’t absolutely have to be co-operative.

And Jackbox was one of the suggestions thrown up by the first chooser. So it’s a legit suggestion. Thanks.

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We did a murder mystery thing with work which was good fun.

Everyone gets a character, and a piece of dialogue and information that you should only reveal if asked, plus there was a video from the ‘detective’ at each round/meal course, and a plan of the stately home (that was critical in figuring out whodunnit).

It was via these people:

Using the code ‘RHP2007’ will get you a 10% discount, too.

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Escape rooms are me and my wife’s thing, we’ve done about 30 of them and even went to Budapest for New year’s because it’s the home of escape rooms.

I built her a surprise escape room in a spare bedroom last year. It took about a year to make and tens of hours of effort. She was an intrepid detective who had found her way into a serial killer’s lair: the beast of Bradford. It was a full on escape room with about 40 puzzles, a few of which I’d made elaborate props for. It was great fun watching her solve it all and she was extremely excited.

Where are you based? I can recommend some in Leeds, London and Manchester.


I really want to do one of those places where you just smash up things


A Rangers match?


Though it does seem wasteful

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I think I’m too much of a wuss for that but I’d like a shot of a hydraulic press like in that Youtube channel.

Extreme CBT?

I’ve done something similar down here in London - - and it’s an absolute blast: I’m pretty sure the most recent one was the last thing I did before the first lockdown. I know there is a vein of destructivism running through the event so it does have an ethos but it can be hard to remember that when you’re looking for something that’s going to break into pieces in a satisfying way when you smash the shit out of it.

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Something my GP has suggested, yes.

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Did you do ‘Nightmare in Budapest’? So much fun!

I’m always recommending One Night Ultimate Werewolf when these things pop up. Each game only lasts 5-15 mins but with every one someone else becomes the werewolf and you learn each other’s tactics from previous games and use your knowledge of the fellow players more and more. Never had a bad night playing it. It’s free, all you need is a phone/laptop for every player

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Heh. Did a search and you popped up with a mention of the one you made. Sounds great. Fair play. Enjoyable thread, too.

(Based in Glasgow, btw. Have done a couple here IRL. The grouping this virtual one is intended for is Glasgow/Berlin/NZ.)

Cool. Good to have a reliable source of feedback on Red Herring. It was mentioned as an option by the guy who got the ball rolling with us doing them.

First one we did was (which is a lead-in prequel to their real room)

Then this

A new virus begins to spread uncontrollably. Normal life gradually comes to a halt. The world is in an unprecedented state of emergency.

Swamp Motel (a couple of people from Punchdrunk) do good online escape room type things. There’s a series of them with a linked story, though they work on their own. Freaked us out on one of them when we started getting text messages from one of the characters. Maybe a bit pricey depending how much of you are doing it.

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