Escape rooms

  • Shit crystal maze for wankers
  • Real good fun! Love 'em!
  • What?

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Could go either way, I reckon. Probably depends on the company.

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I went to Cluequest and it was really great

I’ve got a friend who really wants to do one together.

It’s just a big shit board game, isn’t it. Doesn’t even have a Eurogame-style action allocation system.

I’ll probably have (ex?) drug-dealing body-builder Dean on my team. Thoughts?

Can I give you a tip? It’s not cheating…


the silent scream inside me if I was ever invited to one of these by someone I couldn’t really say no to.



I went to the Cambridge one for work last month. The company were too cheap to pay for me, so I just sat in the waiting room drinking tea while the kids did the puzzle. A+ chance to get paid for doing nothing for an hour or so.

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I knew a guy that ended up sawing his leg off to escape one.


Maybe I can try that tactic when I inevitably fold and get dragged along to it. Or bring a note from my mum.

Ok, so at the beginning they tell you that you don’t need any outside knowledge at all, all the answers are in the room. My tip is to take this REALLY literally from the start, don’t waste any time at all thinking of anything that means anything in the outside world and if that’s a clue, it’s not! Like in one part of the game there was a… ok I’m not sure how to explain this without spoilers…

Polka dots! It’s polka dots!!


They should make them completely inescapable 1 in 1000 times,where they don’t let you out and then you are left to die. Would add spice as you would wonder if you would ever really escape?


Good fun. Don’t go with thickos.


We went to one for work - we were split into three teams and put in separate rooms. Ours went okay (if anyone is half-decent at logic you’ll be fine), but we heard afterwards that tempers frayed in one of the other rooms after they had to take over twenty minutes doing a nine piece jigsaw puzzle of a zebra pattern.

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Not sure I would want to go with work colleagues. Got some really huffy colleagues who would ruin it.

i know a guy that’s been in one for 18 months now. still can’t work it out.


I think I could enjoy it, depending on the quality of the game and my companions.