Especially Egregious Capitalism 🤑💷💰

Thought it would be fun and not at all depressing to document examples of especially egregious capitalism given there seems to be examples abounding nowadays.

Inspired by the BMW heated seats and this:


Sort of similar but cars are moving to a weird feature subscription model where they have the ability to do something but they centrally shut off the software unless you pay a monthly fee

Subscription/microtransaction stuff is going to completely take over and make everything awful


love to live in this timeline


Yes, you could say that’s “sort of similar” to

BMW heated seats


Kidding, couldn’t be bothered to look for the link so thank you!


joke’s on them, everything is awful already!


Oh shit sorry I skimmed the op and clicked the tweet

also I predict 10,000 replies by this evening :grimacing:

Perfect example of this from the Springsteen thread this morning:


You will own nothing and be happy

A happy serf

I don’t particularly have a problem with a subscription model for the whole car. Partly because a lot of people in the industry reckon that is the probably the way it is going. But to do it for individual bits that the company can turn on and off remotely is extremely shitty and down right dangerous cause people will find work arounds to turn things on.


A lot of this is companies leveraging people’s poverty against them. I can’t afford to buy Microsoft Office up front, for example, but I can afford a £5 subscription every month. This means that I pay more over the lifetime of me using MS Office than I would if I simply bought it in one transaction. Also, if for some reason I can’t pay that £5, I lose access to the thing I use to make money! Fantastic!

(Office isn’t actually necessarily the greatest example here, just one that sprang easily to mind).


my uncle’s car was stolen recently and BMW told him because he hadn’t renewed a subscription to the tracker it was technically uninsured and he lost a fucking shitload of money. now, it was pretty dumb of him to give someone his postcode on Autotrader, but even still this is absolutely criminal.

except with programs like Photoshop, the ONLY option now is subscription


The logical endpoint of the whole thing, I guess. You can’t own it, even if you wanted to. A world with no personal property below a certain level of wealth is an … interesting concept. I’m sure it’ll work out great.

Adobe are probably the key example here. Previously most people could buy Photoshop or whatever for about £150 and use it until there were enough new features to warrant upgrading to a new version. Now it’s £30 a month (or £20 if you commit for a year)


And that’s the thing with the new features of software. It can already do pretty much everything anyone wants it to, so anything new is merely a “nice to have”

I’ve decided to stick to Photoshop Express, which is the cut down version which you can still buy rather than subscribe to

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$2000 Dollar caviar, truffle, foie gras and gold leaf pizza


Get permanently branded with an advert for a computer game, get early access to a demo version.


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Special mention for Bitcoin / crypo full stop. Money that burns the planet just by existing, well done capitalism