Esperanza Spalding: Exposure (77 Hour making-of on FB)

Fans? I loved her last album Emily’s D+Evolution from 2016.

This sounds rather ambitious, to stream for 3+ days the making-of your new album.

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It’s news to me she had a new album last year, completely passed me by. Off to listen to that I go. I’ll listen to the new one when it’s done, reckon somebody wants to take one for the team and stay up for the full 3 days and tell the rest of us what to expect.

Ooh, nice one. Loved that last record.

Not normally into theatrical staging of live music but thought this was really great.

It’s really good yo :slight_smile:

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this is really cool.

yeah really loving this.

right now she’s working on her 3rd song I guess. The lyric

“what do you count on a long wakeful niiiiiight? can count on me”

love watching the creative process.

Also I guess it’s Andrew Bird is in the studio with her, doing violin and vocals.


she released another new album last week “12 Little Spells” and I actually may like it more than Exposure.

Thang, Touch in Mine and the last 3 tracks are all bangers.

man that first track is really beautiful.

never got round to listening to exposure so i’ve got two to listen to now, lovely.