ETftSB: Thread to discuss the sitcom ‘King of Queens’

Please talk about King of Queens in this thread.

I don’t like the sitcom King of Queens.



One of the absolute worst sitcoms of all time.


I’ll watch it occasionally if it’s on after Frasier or something. It’s occasionally mildly funny. Absolutely insane it went on for nine seasons, though.

Can you make a thread for people like us

Should have made it clear that this is an ETftSB. Move it back please.

Not a fan. Was always disappointed when it was that on C4 in the morning instead of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Frasier > Raymond > Queens

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Two and a Half Men

  • Actually quite good
  • Shite

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Nobody vote in this poll please. This is an ETftSB thread about the sitcom King of Queens, and the sitcom King of Queens only.

I think that’s one of the shows where you’d catch like seven minutes of it on Channel 4 before walking to school

They’ve started playing cheers before Fraiser now.

Used to measure my lateness of getting to school as a teenager with Fraiser and Raymond. If I left after Raymond started I’d be late but I always wanted to watch a bit of Raymond so ended up always late.

I have done it although the term ‘Entertainment’ is more out of place here than ‘progressive’ used around the current Labour Party.

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Never seen it, but feel like I have also watched every minute.

What is ET short for (in this context, not the Ricky Gervais joke)?

If it is the joke i think it is cause he’s only got wee legs, then it was around years before that cunt gervais.

This sounds more aggy than i intended, just not letting that weasel bask in the glory of an all time great wee joke.

Entertainment Thread. I don’t necessarily mind you asking, but it’s getting us off the topic of King of Queens, so let’s all get back on track.

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First seasonp of scrubs is real good

A really shite sitcom: Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps.


Remember that BBC Three sitcom about students that had Ginger Bloke from Zane Lowe’s Gonzo in it

One for the things no one has thought about thread, I reckon