Ethel & Ernest



This was on the BBC on 28 December. A feature length Raymond Briggs animation about his parents.

Anyone see it? I won’t stop thinking about it for a while.


I watched it and I liked it but they annoyed me a bit.


Oh this sounds right up my street. I’ll have a look on iPlayer, cheers


how sad was it on a scale of 1-10? was it just like the montage from up but dragged out for an entire film?


They surely had at least one child, though? Or have I completely misunderstood the point.


oh i didn’t even factor the no kids thing into it. just the seeing-a-couple-go-through-their-lives thing


Watched with my mum and dad in hungover/come down state (just me). It was nice enough but there was not really a great deal to the story, felt all a bit mundane, maybe just I’m too used to having lots of twists and turns to a story.


But I mean that’s pretty much central to why their lives are so sad, isn’t it? I guess after that they have a dream but it feels very much like there’s still a core about that, there.

(Watching this film while struggling to have a child is fairly tough so may have a warped sense of it.)


Decent enough, but basically a dull English version of We Didn’t Start the Fire.


Loved it. Not perfect, far too long, would have been much more suited to 45 or 60 minutes given there was no real story, and it being too long meant the middle third really dragged and essentially just became them moaning about what was in the paper or on the radio, but the first third was really lovely and charming, and the final third really tense and heartbreaking. There’s something really comforting about Briggs’ work, bar the two scenes where his parents passed, where their bodies were purposely left quite vague and featureless. Excellent stuff.