Ethical clothes shopping



I’ve decided I want to stop contributing to ‘fast’ fashion and clothes which involved exploitative labour, are environmentally intensive etc. Obviously one of the best ways is to buy stuff second hand, but where can you reliably go for new clothes which aren’t fucking everyone over in the process?


seems like everyone who does this ends up in tie-dye trousers and those fucking awful multicolour hoodies, unlucky m8.



Aye, very concerned about becoming a crusty



Howies, Bibico and People Tree are decent.

This is a good directory:


i buy vegetarian shoes, which are quite expensive and considerably less durable, but we all have a cross to bear, don’t we?


Thanks! This seems like a good place to start. Although far too many of those brands have the word hemp in them for my liking


Quite like Howies – everything I’ve had from them has been lovely.


If we stop wearing the ‘fast’ fashion the people making the clothes won’t have any job at all :frowning:


got my last pair of boots from here in king’s x


Vegetarian shoes! Whatever next…


90 sovs on a pair of jeans made out of plastic bottles. What a world.




Caption: Salad dressing


The hoodies and plain sweaters look nice


They have quite good sales. Their ladies stuff is a weird size for me but it’s lovely quality.


Mis-read the thread title and was going to accuse you of cultural appropriation.

As you were…


These days I mostly buy quite plain clothes but try to get them nice quality and a good fit. Feel there isn’t much justification for buying something like a plain navy t-shirt or a grey hoodie from H&M (especially when the material is normally utterly shit, it’s knackered after a couple of washes and it isn’t that much cheaper)