Ethical Veganism

Officially, A Thing (and a belief that is protected by law).



For things like this, would someone have to prove they held this belief to successfully claim discrimination, or could a person making anti-vegan statements be prosecuted e.g. as a hate crime?

Definitely is tbf

Not sure, not seen the judgement yet, just the headline! Will have a wee think through the implications in a sec.

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Under the Equality Act it’s unlawful to discriminate, harass or victimise employees on the grounds of their religion, religious belief or philosophical belief- this case says the ethical veganism (i.e. veganism for moral reasons rather than say being allergic to milk) is a philosophical belief.

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It also doesn’t mean he’ll win his case. He seems to have acted like a right dick. All that has changed is that ethical veganism is a protected characteristic.


Indeed- if he has evidently committed gross misconduct then it doesn’t matter if he’s the dalai lama himself.


is this the guy who has a bobble hat with the word Vegan on it ?

Does he really need the hat ? I mean it’s good that he’s keeping warm but…


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This is good fun. He’s an absolute tool but he’s not wrong at all. Nice to see a typical right wing talkhead just ripped apart tbh even if he is angry as fuck
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Yeah he does seem like a bit of a twat. But as for the hat and ripping the piss out of things like that (and the guy on This Morning who had the Vegan tattoo behind his ear)- I’m in two minds about all this.

It’s a well worn joke - How can you tell if someone’s a vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll make sure you know, etc etc etc.

But the thing is- consumption of animal products (and I speak as a consumer of these) is wrong on many levels and- even from an environmental perspective if not animal-suffering based one- people should be looking at changing their eating habits. I think if you are fully vegan it must be very hard not to be at least a little bit evangelical about it because the more people who do it, the better. THe more people who understand what is involved and realise it’s hard but achievable, the better surely.

People who slag off ‘smug vegans’ are often reacting to the strong cognitive dissonance that happens when you are trying to defend something that you know is deep down wrong. Again, I am one of those people sometimes and I get annoyed at myself when my kneejerk reaction is to want to join in at slagging off these people for their Vegan T-shirts or whatever. When actually, good for them- they’re a better person than I am.
I think some people need to take a long hard look at their own choices before slagging off other peoples’.


I’m going to get a beanie that says: “Finds it hard to commit to a long term relationship”.

That’s my lifestyle choice for a while now.

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I know. And it’s not specifically him, or vegans, I’m cool with that it’s just evangelical types in general are a bit annoying. But not he’s not doing anyone any harm so more power to him I guess.

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This is why I don’t get annoyed by Jehovah’s Witnesses, imagine if you were convinced you knew how to get into heaven and earn eternal bliss, you can either keep that to yourself or tell as many people as possible, and it seems to me the nice thing to do it tell other people.


Vegans haven’t started going door to door though have they. Think that’s the bit that annoys people about the JH’s.

Don’t know anything about the case, but would this open the door for similar things? Ethical communism next plz.

Ethical shitposting


You have my support