My wife dropped her phone down the shitter and even after the bowl of rice treatment it has died.

Is it the Motorola G4?


Yup. There are three versions of the G4. I went for the middle one.


really don’t understand why a phone would ever be on your person whilst in the toilet.


Where else do you catch up with twitter while at work?


saw a guy the other day texting or whatever whilst taking a piss into the trough. fucking weird behaviour.


It fell out of her back pocket when she pulled her trousers down.

I will read mine when shitting.


Is that this one?


As a sit-down pisser I get a lot of phone-time on on the bog innit.


More RAM, bigger battery than the G4. Might be shit, but if you don’t like it you’re a racist.


I’m an LD too, man. thing is - a toilet is a disgusting area with lingering invisible piss and shit vapours just floating about, so I spend as little time in there as possible


You’re right of course pal, it’s a self-discipline issue I guess



In terms of price it’s G4 Plus > G4 > G4 Play:


It’s the invisible piss and shit vapours that I go in there for.


i had a go on a motorola g4 yesterday and it felt fucking massive

are there no normal size phones any more?


No. My phone is massive. Massive phones are the best, you baby fingered freak!